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Pupils at Saint Martin de France are attributed to specific classes, like in all French schools. However, they also belong to a particular House, just like in Anglo-Saxon schools.

The House is the focal point for students. Every House has its own House Master. The House system is an essential component in the educational project of Saint Martin. Given its manageable size, the idea is to reproduce a family atmosphere.

It’s an ambitious concept as it’s a very large family with 60 students !

The students live and learn to work, relax and live with others, open up and face differences and manage all the elements that have to be confronted in family life – the joys, sadness, frustrations, tensions but somehow finally, always the same pleasure to come and be together.

In each House, organised prep time or study periods are established.

The first study period is before supper which allows pupils to discover or confront the necessity of perseverance and the benefits of regular work.

The second study period is after supper and is more suited to work in pairs or groups, if necessary.

The concept of responsibility is engaged via democratic means. A House Council composed of 7 pupils is elected by the pupils in the House. They play a valuable role in regulating the ups and downs of life in the House and are an important means of communication between the Housemaster and the students in the House.

As students progress through the school, they change houses according to their age and the teaching unit to which they are affiliated with.


  1. A typical day at La Ferme
6h45 Wake up call
7h30 Breakfast
8h – 12h Lessons Return to House at 12h00
12h20 Lunch
13h – 16h45 Study period in House or lessons in La Cerisaie
16h45 – 17h30 Snack time – Relaxation period
17h30 – 19h00 Study period
19h00 Dinner
19h30 House meeting
20h15 – 21h00 Study period in pairs/ Preparation of bags for next day
21h00 – 21h15 Shower
21h15 – 21h30 Quiet time – reading
21h30 Lights out
Le Verger
Les Pins
La Pommeraie
St Philippe
La Ferme
St Gautier