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Living Together



« It’s impossible to educate without first deciding what man should be. To educate, there must be authority”


I have an obligation to attend all lessons and activities assigned to me at school, be dressed in the appropriate way and be in possession of the necessary equipment which I’m expected to bring.


“An education must aim to help the student to position him or herself in the real world……and keep a healthy distance from the whims of fashion”

  1. I’m dressed with clean and decent clothes and my hair is well kept.
  2. I wear school uniform on the days where school starts and at recess (Sunday evenings, Mondays and Fridays, in general)



  1. I must immediately go to my classroom upon hearing the bell ring.
  2. In the event that I am late, I present my school liaison book to the teacher, which I must always have with me.
  3. In the afternoons, when I don’t have a lesson, I must go to my House.
  4. I shouldn’t leave the school without the authorisation from school management.
  5. During allocated House time, I should stay in my House or in its allocated territory.


to recognise the true value of others is the ultimate form of respect”

  1. I remain silent in study areas, during rest time and moments of contemplation.
  2. I refrain from using foul language and gestures with everybody.
  3. I resist from all forms of physical, verbal or emotional violence, whatever the circumstances.
  4. I don’t use other people’s equipment or possessions. I only borrow things from my fellow students with his or her permission.



« The Oratorian principals establish the mission to make each man worthy of being a man ».

  1. I throw away my rubbish (cans, paper, chewing gum) in an appropriate bin.
  2. I don’t eat or drink in lessons (not even sweets).
  3. I must not degrade or destroy equipment, for example writing on tables, do graffiti on walls, damage books and buildings.


  1. I must not bring any tobacco products into the premises, nor consume them at school. Alcoholic beverages, drugs and substances banned by law are also forbidden.
  2. I must refrain from bringing food or drink onto the premises.
  3. I mustn’t bring sharp objects to school (for example: knives, cutters) nor marker pens or corrector fluid.
  4. Listening to music is acceptable within the House boundaries, in accordance with the rules established by each school unit.



Sanctions range from an oral warning to the definitive exclusion from the school.

  • Extra homework
  • Detention on Friday evening from 17h to 19h (transport is not provided at 19h00)
  • Detention on Saturday morning from 9h00 to 12h00 (transport is not provided at 12h00)
  • General cleaning and assistance contributing to the well-being of the school.
  • A written warning regarding insufficient effort regarding work or behaviour, issued by teacher/management meetings.
  • An absence of work and insufficient effort despite warnings, issued by teacher/management meetings.
  • Suspension

Sanctions are at the discretion of the management team and are not negotiable. Suspensions are exclusively issued at the discretion of the Headmaster.