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Middle School

The Middle School at Saint Martin de France is comprised of both boarding and day pupils, girls and boys. All students are affiliated to a “House”, where they are based outside lessons, to study and relax. The pupils have lessons in the “Cerisaie” and “Morvan” buildings, with the exception of certain subjects such as Art, Technology, Music and Sport.

Students remain in the same classroom for their lessons. Their teachers move around the school to give lessons. All classrooms have TICE boards providing the opportunity for creative and interactive teaching.
For both college and lycee students, Saint Martin devotes considerable importance to sport and artistic activities to allow each and every student to develop their talents on all levels.


The 4 classes in 6th grade are smaller groups than other classes in the school in order to provide a fully supportive environment for pupils to adapt to life in secondary school. The classes are mixed ability groups. All pupils study English and can also study German provided they are able to assume the associated workload (6th grade bilingual class).
The emphasis is on getting to know fellow students which is mobilised during the “Integration Day”. The School places importance on the acquisition of study methods and personal organisation for 6th graders, completing their 3rd cycle, via additional teaching in reduced sized groups, for individual support.
In addition, the students have a weekly exam scheduled into their timetable in order to help them to develop productive study methods.


There are four classes in 5th grade. All classes are constituted with the same criteria as 6th grade, to achieve mixed ability classes. The students continue studying the same languages they started in 6th grade. For those who only studied one language in 6th grade, a second language is chosen – either Spanish or German.
5th grade initialises the 4th cycle and the focus is centered on helping to make the pupils autonomous in their individual and collective study. Help is specifically provided in support groups. Interdisciplinary work allow pupils to remobilise knowledge through organised projects such as the field trip to the mountains.
Like the 6th grade students, a weekly exam is scheduled into the timetable in order to help 5th graders to develop productive study methods.
In addition, all 5th grade students at St Martin de France prepare the first level of the national highway security diploma.


Some of the classes in 4th grade are project focussed.
Students in the European class (English) study two additional hours of English.
The aim of this project is for the students to master English, achieving their Baccalaureat with the distinction of having followed the European option, in English. In 2nd grade, certain subjects, like maths, are taught in English. Students in the European class participate in an exchange with a school abroad, during their academic year.
Pupils wishing to integrate this class must achieve good results in an English entrance exam, set at the end of 5th grade. They must also be validated for passage in the European class by the class council in the third trimester.
In the three other classes, various projects are initiated throughout the year, according to the objectives of the teaching teams. For example, a bilingual class has been running in 4th grade for several years for pupils having successfully learnt German since 6th grade.
All 4th grade students have a weekly exam, lasting one hour, in order to encourage good studying habits.


English, German and Spanish are proposed in 6th, 5th and 4th grades. Latin is also available to study in 4th grade.


Saint Martin has 5 classes in 3rd grade – the final year of the 4th cycle.
We encourage the students to become autonomous in their work and in the way they learn. Personal support is centered on oral expression.
Saint Martin has a European class in 3rd grade, following through from the previous year. The students work towards the same objectives of being able to obtain the European option at Baccalaureat and participate in an exchange programme.
Throughout the year, the 3rd grade students prepare the National Diploma (Brevet – DNB). They also reflect upon their orientation at the end of the year, with reference to their options in lycee. The national curriculum requires that 3rd grade students are given the opportunity to follow a work experience placement in a professional setting. The intention is to introduce pupils into the work place and heighten their awareness of technological matters and the business environment, in coordination with the programmes taught at school.
In addition, pupils prepare the PSC1, the first level of the national first aid diploma.