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To enrol your child at Saint Martin de France, please complete and submit the admission forms with the required papers.


Our aim at Saint Martin de France is to broaden the horizons of our students so they are able to launch themselves into the world and succeed in their lives.

Naturally, we aim for excellence in the quality of our teaching but our ambition isn’t exclusively academic. We strive to give every possible chance to our students to develop knowledge, gain in self-confidence and esteem and live well together with others in an atmosphere forged upon Christian values and an open-minded outlook.

Our Oratarian educational traditions and Anglo Saxon school structure and organisation make Saint Martin a unique schooling environment, anchored by three distinct yet complementary pillars :

  • Solid, Christian inspired values,
  • Outstanding teaching provision from a highly competent, caring and ambitious team with modern equipment.
  • A well-established House system which encourages focussed study, autonomy, a sense of responsibility and an environment in which to develop strong friendships.

Saint Martin offers a uniquely attentive, caring and structured educational environment for parents and pupils in which to prepare themselves for today’s complex world.

Saint Martin de France offers a unique educational opportunity. We provide a French cultural environment with an international outlook. We seek to develop passion, skills and self confidence in our students whilst providing a high standard of teaching with attentive and personalized support.

The Headmaster