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The Learning Resource Centre is situated in « Le Prieuré », a separate building on the central driveway in the campus. Not only is it a well-stocked library which enriches the artistic, literary and scientific teaching in the school, students can go there to study.

The specialised librarians train students in information management. As part of the National Curriculum, students learn to:

  • Develop the ability to be selective whilst accessing information
  • Work on strategies that help them become more autonomous in their work
  • Reflect upon their career choices, assisted by the careers service.
  • Stay up to date with day to day events and what is happening in the world
  • Borrow books, magazines and reviews (30 items are authorised)

The centre organises expositions, reading competitions, writing workshops and coordinates the multi-disciplinary aspects of the curriculum.

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The Career Service

This service is available for all students at the school and aims to help them think about their future study and career options and make constructive choices.

A wide range of documentation is available on universities and training schemes.

Students can make an appointment to talk with Mme Béatrice Blot, Head of the Careers Advice service.

Specific help and support is granted to final year students in the post Bac admissions procedure. They receive advice about training, writing a letter of motivation.