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Sporting activities are at the heart of the educational project founded in our school.

Physical exertion and sport develops team spirit, improves the ability to concentrate and focus and provides relaxation, all of which are necessary to thrive.

Our school has plenty of pitches and an excellent selection of sporting facilities allowing our students to do a wide variety of sports. As well as the time assigned by the national curriculum for PE, all of our students have one afternoon per week of outdoor team sport activity. Regular training and competitions are planned into the structure of the school year.

Frequent competitions are organised: either inter house challenges between different Houses or through the school sporting association which operates on Wednesday afternoons, and arranges tournaments and competitions with neighbouring schools in the region.


Physical Education (PE) : Students do two, three or four hours of PE per week, according to the year grade they are in. The PE staff create varied programmes for the students including:

Athletics: Track racing, cross country runs, high jumping and javelin

Swimming activities: competitions and life saving

Orientation activities; forest trails and rock climbing

Artistic activities: Circus Arts

Gymnastics: Bar and floor work, acrobatic gym

Team sports: Rugby, Football, basketball and handball

Partner sports: Table tennis, badminton

Personal training: workouts with weights

Combat sports: wrestling, French boxing

HOUSE SPORT : “The Maurice Duprey Challenge”, more frequently known at Saint Martin as « House Sport » was created in 1972 by Father Dabosville, the school’s headmaster, for a sport’s day. Maurice Duprey was the founder of Saint Martin de France.

He established the principal of uniting pupils together of the same age, from different houses, to compete in various sporting activities, both team sports and individual sports like Step, dance, table tennis etc. the participants win points for their House which are calculated at the end of the year in order to determine the House who is the victorious winner of the Maurice Duprey challenge and cup !

A Cross Country run within the school grounds is organised every year for all the pupils, according to their age group.

House Sport at the school has specific objectives and values which are firmly woven into life at the school: It develops House spirit, develops the spirit of competition, gives the pupils responsibilities and helps students respect each other.

The Sporting Association on Wednesday afternoons: Pupils choose their own activities. Whatever the activity, the underlying principal of respect for others applies (partners, opponents, referees, trainers..)

The aim is to train the students, allow them to specialise, but at the same time, help them develop into responsible and committed young people who understand the benefits of committing themselves in the Sporting Association.

PE options in High School : Older students can enrol in an optional sporting activity which allocates additional points which contribute to the Baccalaureate exam. Three different formulas are proposed to students from 2nd grade: Rugby and Weight training, Badminton and Athletics and Dance and Step.

In addition to these optional choices, students do 3 hours of compulsory sport each week.

Evening activities: Boarding students have access to the gym once a week and can do sporting activities proposed by their House Master. Indoor football is a popular favourite!

Students at Saint Martin de France can profit from optimal conditions in which to study whilst doing 10 hours of sport per week, if they choose to do so.

St Martin is, and has always been, an outstanding school for its sporting achievements and activities, thanks to passionate and dynamic students and teachers and the commitment of one and all.

Any students not participating in a sporting activity would undoubtedly be missing out on a very important part of life at Saint Martin de France.